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Gabriela Alejandra Rivas


I'm terrible when it comes to talking about myself and even worse when it comes to writing. I'll either blabber about absolute nonsense no one wanted to know about or I won't say enough. This has been my constant impediment since I was a younger, tinier version of myself (wow, I can see that this is clearly going well).

Anyways... My name is Gabriela, but I do prefer going by Gaby"Then why didn't you name your website domain ''?" BECAUSE I WANTED TO FORCE YOU TO TYPE MY WHOLE NAME IN YOUR WEB BROWSER! I digress. I'm 29 years old and clearly a mature, functioning adult person. I'd like to say my humor has only improved as the years gone by, but I may be a tad bit wrong about that. I sometimes struggle to identify with the title of artist, I feel that I'm just someone who's expressing their emotions and current aesthetic via creative outlets (but isn't that what an artist is all about? Well.. that's my artist definition and I'm sticking to it!). I sincerely do love to take pictures, photo edit, design, draw, and paint. I feel like I express myself better visually, which is more than likely the reason why I can't ever write or talk about myself.

I've lived in Detroit, Michigan all my life. Like young Anakin Skywalker, I want to go out and see all the planets! (Or rather, see as much of the world as humanly possible). Aside from growing up in a Salvadoran household, I like speaking Spanglish as often as I can (I'm a very passionate Spanish speaker when the mood calls for it). Yes, I do love reading (don't all artists with websites love reading?), except I've gotten more into audiobooks lately (I know... I know... don't even!). I wish I could call myself a movie buff, because I know there's plenty of more movies I need to check off my list... But my favorites are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter, most David Fincher movies, and the Godfather 1 & 2 ... so that should count for something! Honestly, I'm a homebody, but on the occasions I do leave the comfort of my own home, I like exploring new areas of myself in the places I go, comfortably.

Thanks for visiting. I'll try my best to make this site worth the visit!