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I Was Reading Somewhere


... that when Taurus' get in their funks they tend to put up a visual, material, aesthetic front. Although I don't necessarily identify with the materialistic side of my zodiac sign, I do feel like everything else is on point. I am going through some stuff right (stuff people close to me are aware of) and I've actually been making more of an effort to be more aesthetic in my artwork and even on my Instagram feed. 

Is that such a bad thing, though? To want to create something visually appealing while sorting through what I'm feeling? I admit there are times where I wish I were numb to everything and could fast forward through the gloomy areas in my life, but I know that being present in my emotions is what I need to be right now. I'd rather take photos or create pieces that cheer me up than overthinking every feeling in the darkness and release my inner rage monster (which happens to sneak out every so often *wink*). However, I understand that there will be times where I don't want to do a damn thing. Hey, it happens, right?


Life is complicated and reading articles from ThoughtCatalog talking about how my zodiac sign handles my feelings is interesting but I don't necessarily find it helpful. It's like, "Great. Sure. Now I know why I'm making an effort to make stuff look good. It's cause I'm down the in dumps. Gee... Thanks! *Thumbs Up*" I know that's not what the article is trying to insinuate and that it's just letting the world know how each sign deals with things, but I don't know. I don't see anything wrong with how a person wants to deal with stuff. So long as it's actually constructive and not going to pull them down further. If you need to punch something to get out what you're feeling, then go punch a pillow or a punching bag. If I want to push myself to put myself out there and take pictures of a city by myself or draw whatever is inspiring me at the moment, then I don't see the issue with doing that.

I get that we all handle things differently than one another, but I think it's interesting we do what we do to help us feel better. What helps you feel better?